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Kayak fishing has become one of the stealthy ways to experience both sides of bodega bay and sonoma coast. Our fishery provides a mixture of over 50 different rockfish species along with lingcod, cadezon and big red vermilion with classes starting from April-December 31st. Depending on season will target halibut and king salmon, with various launch locations 45 min north of bodega bay . trip duration 4-5 hours per guide 3 person minimum. we provide fully equipt sit on top kayaks , rods, "VHF" radio, net, tackle, bait & artifical lures. will show u techniques on how to level up and put bigger fish in your kayak. we offer pic/vid of your day out on the water, kayaks come with gopro mounts if you want to bring own gopro, or if you dont have one and you want to catch all the action we got u coverd will set you up easy to use gopro's so u dont miss a bite.



A lesson is provided at each tour, arrive 15 min early to go over safty, rules & regulations so that all are comfortable, safe and happy out on the water.we target early morning departures depending on or if high winds over 20+mph will cancel. these details will be discused and arranged upon your reservation. so if your lookin for an epic rod bending fishing adventure, lets go. kayak fishing has been growing over the years and becoming quiet popluar in california and the sport continues to grow its even greater for families, couples or individuals wanting to experience the fishy side california.

Personal & private Guides

 if thers a desired location that u been itchin to try. we can make it happen to your level of comfort .

looking for a lil more extra extreme die hard fishing no matter the conditions and possibly be on youtube!

with your local guide "AKA" The Fish Smaka..

for any and all other enquiry feel free to contact me .

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